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InterFringe is a new interferometric analysis program that has many features previously available only in much more expensive packages, including:

  • Manual and automatic fringe tracing for analysis of static interferograms
  • Spatial carrier analysis of static interferograms for rapid throughput
  • Four and five frame phase shifting analysis
  • Video phase shifting analysis for vibration and thermal current insensitivity
  • Shearing interferometry, including phase shifting shearing interferometry
  • Image processing for problematic interferograms
  • Can average multiple interferograms to reduce effects of noise and vibration
  • Aspheric wavefront characterization
  • Bicubic spline surface and wavefront modeling
  • Standard and annular Zernike decomposition of surfaces and wavefronts, Seidel analysis
  • Add, subtract Zernike wavefront/surface models, multiply by constants
  • Create Zernike models of conic surfaces for reference
  • Diffraction analysis
  • Point spread functions and star test images
  • Modulation transfer functions along two axes
  • Create synthetic static and phase shifting interferograms
  • Circular and elliptical standard and annular apertures
  • Ability to export Zemax surfaces
  • Export spreadsheet data for wavefronts and surfaces
  • Display raw data minus Zernike model
  • Customizable report generation in HTML and Word formats
  • Customizable section plotting
  • Price includes 6 months of email support
  • To purchase InterFringe, please click here, or you can download a demo. You will be prompted to log in, or to register if you have not already.

    For more information, please have have a representative contact you.

    You can download the User Guide here.

    Please check out our demonstration videos on YouTube:

    Fringe tracing example

    Spatial carrier example

    Four-frame phase shifting example

    Video phase shifting example

    Shearing interferogram example

    Zernike polynomial example

    Interfringe screenshot
    SCA window
    3D plot window
    Plot window
    Interferogram panel Fringe tracing window